Visa South Africa – South Africa Immigration
South Africa Immigration Holds Nearly Limitless Opportunities!

South Africa Immigration When foreigners participate in South Africa Immigration they often experience endless opportunities. The shortage of trained professionals is so great that the government of South Africa is looking for ways to attract half of a million immigrants! All that must be done to convince people to relocate to South Africa is to spread the word about the abundance of high paying jobs available to qualified individuals.
Over the years, immigration regulations have been rather strict in an attempt to protect the nation’s jobs for its native born citizens. The recent economic boom has caused many in the government of South Africa to reconsider those out dated policies. Politicians are working to find the right balance in new legislation that would allow the needed influx of new workers, while ensuring that only the most qualified individuals are placed in key positions.

South Africa Immigration & -South Africa Allows Dual Citizenship

South Africa Immigration When pursuing South Africa Immigration, citizenship is not required. Foreigners are permitted to work if they obtain the right documentation, but citizenship offers more flexibility. For those who do not wish to relinquish their citizenship to their homeland, South Africa offers dual citizenship.
It is relatively easy to acquire citizenship in South Africa. One must have lived in the country for at least one year, have good character, and be able to speak one of the eleven languages of South Africa. Come check out our website for more information about South Africa immigration and how it will benefit you!

South Africa Immigration – South Africa Offers Exceptional Employment Opportunities

South Africa ImmigrationThe recent growth in South Africa’s population has caused the national economy to grow by leaps and bounds. This growth has caused the job market to increase dramatically as well. South Africa immigration offers more opportunities than ever before to individuals trained to fill the need for skilled professionals. Nearly every industry in South Africa has high level openings for the taking. All that is required it the proper education and the dedication to get the job done!

South Africa Immigration & - There are Adventures to be had in South Africa!

South Africa Immigration South Africa Immigration holds countless adventures in store! South Africa truly offers the best of both worlds in that its citizens are free to live in modern cities while having the opportunity to explore some of the most pristine wild places on earth. The people of South Africa need not leave their country to experience a true adventure. This country offers access to wild life preserves as well as kilometers of unspoiled beach. There are several exciting pass times that a citizen of South Africa can take part in. Why only vacation somewhere great when you could live there every day?

South Africa Immigration – Family Life is Great in South Africa!

South Africa ImmigrationSouth Africa immigration has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the fact that more and more families have realized what South Africa has to offer. Parents are flocking to South Africa to give their children the opportunity to benefit from the excellent education available to children all over the nation. South Africa is well known for having the biggest budgeted allotment for education in the world.

The school system of South Africa is a perfect blend of local controls governed by national standards. Individual schools are able to teach their curriculum in whatever way that they see fit as long as they maintain the high standards set out by the government. This means that local school officials are able to tailor learning activities to fit the needs of their students.

South Africa is also committed to providing only the best quality of higher education as can be seen in the many universities around the country. Please visit our website if you would like more information about how your family will benefit from South Africa immigration.

Visa Requirements South Africa

South Africa ImmigrationIt is important for all who wish to enter the Republic of South Africa to have a visa. Persons who do not have a visa will be refused entry to the country. A traveller must acquire a visa before leaving their own country because they are not issued at ports of entry. It is vital that travellers learn what the visa requirements South Africa are so that the application can be processed without delay. When applying for a visa you must supply the government with all pertinent information that they require, the application will ask for general personal information.

A South Africa Permit & a Work-Seeker’s Permit

South Africa ImmigrationIf you have received multiple job offers from companies conducting business in South Africa it could be difficult to make the decision as to which offer to accept if you live abroad. If you wish to visit the companies to help in the decision making process, you will need to apply for a work-seeker’s permit. It is also necessary to acquire a work-seeker’s permit if you are travelling to South Africa to interview for a job. It is important to note that a South Africa permit to work gives you the right to work for a specific company for a specified length of time. You must be approved for a South Africa permit to work before entering the country. A work-seeker’s permit, on the other hand merely gives you the right to seek employment from a specified employer. If you seek employment with a company not disclosed on your permit you will be subject to arrest and possible fines.

Who Should Apply for a South Africa Permit?

South Africa ImmigrationSouth AfricA South AfricaThe government of South AfricaThere are many different scenarios that would require a foreigner to apply for a South Africa Permit to work. If you have received a job offer from a company in South Africa you will have to be approved for a South Africa permit to work before you can start your new job. Permits are also required if you intend to move to South Africa in order to start a new business. If you own at least 25% controlling interest in a company in South Africa you must apply for a permit before you can visit it. South Africa permits to work are also mandatory if you plan to come into the country to film a movie, documentary, or even a commercial.

A Business Permit in South Africa

South Africa ImmigrationSouth AfricA South AfricaThe government of South Africa welcomes those who intend to add to the economic base of the country. Permits will be granted to those who plan to start a business that will employ locals. Business people who intend to make goods for export will also be granted a permit to work. Enterprises that are set up to bring in funds from abroad meet with great approval from government officials. Work permits will easily be obtained by entrepreneurs with a solid business plan. If you are not a citizen of South Africa you must obtain a work permit in order to perform the functions of a job within its borders.

A Permit to Work in South Africa

South Africa ImmigrationSouth AfricA South Africa permit to work is designed to protect the economic well being of the people of South Africa. There are a limited number of jobs available in South Africa. The government issues work permits based on whether or not citizens of South Africa are capable of performing the duties of the job in question. A South Africa permit to work will be denied if officials believe that there are locals who would be able to fill the position. Permits are granted to those who specialize in fields in which there is a shortage of trained South Africans.